Cream of the Launch Crop at Health 2.0

Cream of the Launch Crop at Health 2.0

Text: Eeva Kiuru, Oulu Wellness Institute

The health tech scene is heating and every year there are hundreds of candidate startups running to become the next big health innovation and the best of the Health 2.0 show.

One selection was made today by the Health 2.0 audience. Here are the startups that made it to the Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference shortlist and Launch main stage:

1. Smart Patient – patient experience and satisfaction service

2. Intellictyx – Intelligent referral service

3. Genetrainer – Gene-based exercise guidance

4. Medlio – Virtual health insurance card focusing on cost transparency

5. Involvecare – Service to get involved with caregiving

6. Wimty – End of life care decision platform (health advocate, life-sustaingin treatments, pain management, wellbeing, final breath) with help of digital process and power of video

7. Recovery record – eating disorder management tool

8. Liviam – Support team platform for hospitalized loved ones

9. Mevoked – Mental health and wellness tracking tool

10. OMSignal – Lifestyle tracker shirt focused on ABC of wellness (Activity, Breathing and Cardiac)

The winner of the Launch competition was voted online by the live audience:  OM Signal Lifestyle tracker shirt.


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